Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catching a Disney on Ice Performance

The first performances of Disney's "World on Ice" showcased the period's top figure skaters alongside Disney's trademark characters, and the tradition continues today, nearly thirty years later. The touring ice show features live performances by Disney's signature characters.

The guides of the show are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, both famous since the early 1930's. Performances incorporate characters from old and new Disney films. The characters were not chosen specifically for their royal titles, but rather for how well they fit into what Disney executives deemed "the Princess mythology". Disney Princess is a Walt Disney Company franchise, based on fictional characters that have been featured as part of the Disney character line-up. Alongside these time-tested favorites will be newer characters, like Buzz Lightyear and The Incredibles. Visitors to Tenerife and locals of all ages in La Laguna will enjoy the cast of their favorite characters in this captivating performance.

Recently, Mulan and Pocahontas have been included as princesses. The princesses to be featured in the line were chosen from classic Disney films. Books such as Disney Princess Treasury will be refreshed with detailing and all six princesses wearing gold gowns. While waiting in line, he found himself surrounded by young girls dressed as princesses. The show will tour the West Coast in 2011-2012 before traveling overseas in the fall of 2012.

Visit Disney On Ice Tour Dates for show schedule for 2012.